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About Us

About Us – www.ReviewsHotSpot.com

Our Company

ReviewsHotSpot.com is not your ordinary website to find reviews. It is the culmination of years and years of hopes and dreams of the founder for the website. He’s been striving to ensure that consumers are always entitled to the right to know as well as providing them with reviews and advice from 100% user submitted reviews about the products that you want most. The content is subject to scrutiny from our team of dedicated and passionate people to ensure that these are people and not robots that you are reading from. It’s your right, it’s your choice, you deserve to know.

Our Story

It all started when our founder was in college. He’s been shopping around for an electrical fan that will suit his needs, so he went online. Little did he know, the reviews he read from the websites that he found were all written by robots. Those were reviews that were written just to con honest and willing customers into buying products they don’t need with misleading information and misrepresentation of facts. This didn’t sit well with him, not at all.

He decided that he had to do something about it. The idea was that he would create a website, for reviews, from customers who actually bought and tried the product so other people can enjoy knowing what the product really offers. That’s how ReviewsHotSpot.com was born.

Made as a website that features reviews from purchase-verified customers to ensure the highest quality reviews for the public. All reviews that are submitted to our team are checked with the highest degree of scrutiny before posted onto the site to ensure the best quality reviews are all you’ll ever get.

Our Team

You may be thinking, “who does all the work?”. Well, it’s simple! We do. The people behind the scenes are online marketers, social media pros and other people who are, well to put it simply good at everything. These team members manage the day-to-day operations for the site as a volunteer to contribute back to the community. This is what makes it so amazing!